Dry sandblasting

The dry sandblasting process, formerly known as sand blasting, is an abrasive blasting technique whose applications range from gentle cleaning and finish blasting to surface preparation for subsequent coatings and crack testing. With dry sandblasting, a blasting medium (e.g. garnet, corundum, glass beads) is taken from a sand hopper and blasted on to the object with compressed air. The blasting medium combined with the air stream hits the object at such a high speed that the surface contamination can be removed by abrasion. The choice of blasting medium, as well as the granulation and the dosage of the flow volume, depends on the surface being treated, the type of contamination and the surface finish required after blasting. With our decades of experience, a wide range of blasting media and operating pressures up to 12 bar, we can guarantee to meet the desired surface requirements.


Even the blasting of large quantities of delicate small parts, serial production or just in time manufacturing is no problem for us.

These operations can either be carried out in a static blasting hall at our facility or in mobile blasting tents on the customer’s premises.

The dry sandblasting process has already proven to be highly effective in the following areas of application:

• Steam turbines
• Gas turbines
• Turbine casing
• Turbine upper and lower casings
• Boiler
• Compressors
• Fans
• Flue gas desulfurization (FGD) blower
• Main steam lines

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