Turbine cleaning

Turbine cleaning is the most important business of INREI GmbH, for which special processes have been developed in cooperation with Germany’s largest turbine manufacturers for over 50 years.

First and foremost, the dry blasting process (also known as sand blasting) using garnet as the blasting medium is regarded by experts as being the most effective, and at the same time gentlest, cleaning process for sensitive gas and steam turbine components.

A very important aspect of turbine cleaning is the preparation of the turbines for various testing procedures such as non-destructive testing (NDT), magnetic flaw detection and dye penetrant inspection (DPI). Depending on your requirements, we can achieve the desired surface roughness to create the best possible testing conditions through our extensive range of blasting processes and media, as well as many years of experience. We provide these turbine cleaning processes not only for German customers, but also for our customers around the world.

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