Industrial cleaning – Range of applications

This is where to find out which process is most suitable for your application. If your application is not listed, please contact us and we are sure that we’ll be able to find the right solution for you. If you are using a mobile device (tablet or smartphone), we recommend using it in landscape format. On small screens the table can also be scrolled sideways. Double clicking on a process sorts the table into suitable fields of application.

Range of ApplicationCOLD CLEAN - Dry ice blastingDust-free sandblastingDry sandblasting
Aircraft cleaningcheckmarkcheckmark
Aircraft turbine cleaningcheckmarkcheckmark
Anilox roller cleaningcheckmark
Annealing hood cleaningcheckmark
Calender stack cleaningcheckmark
Casting mold cleaningcheckmark
Cleaning for restorationcheckmarkcheckmark
Cleaning in the installed statecheckmarkcheckmark
Coal mill cleaningcheckmark
Compressor cleaningcheckmark
Control valves in situcheckmarkcheckmark
Conveyor belt cleaningcheckmark
Conveyor chain cleaningcheckmark
Copper coilscheckmarkcheckmark
Corrosion protection workcheckmarkcheckmark
Dandy roll cleaning
Diverter valves in situcheckmarkcheckmark
Drain valves in situcheckmarkcheckmark
Electric motor cleaningcheckmark
Electrical machine cleaningcheckmark
Electronic component cleaningcheckmark
Electrostatic filter cleaningcheckmark
Environmentally-friendly cleaningcheckmark
Extruder shaft cleaningcheckmark
Fan cleaningcheckmarkcheckmark
FGD blower cleaningcheckmarkcheckmark
Fire damage restorationcheckmark
Floor cleaning
Gas turbine cleaningcheckmarkcheckmark
Generator cleaningcheckmarkcheckmark
Generator stator cleaningcheckmark
Glass mold cleaningcheckmark
Heat exchanger cleaning
Industrial floor cleaning
Industrial turbine cleaningcheckmark
Inspection workcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
Inspections in power plantscheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
Live steam pipeline cleaningcheckmarkcheckmark
Live steam valves in situcheckmarkcheckmark
Locomotive cleaningcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
Locomotive cleaningcheckmark
Machine cleaningcheckmarkcheckmark
Mold cleaningcheckmark
Non-abrasive cleaningcheckmark
Nuclear power plant cleaningcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
Paper roller cleaning
Pipe bend cleaningcheckmarkcheckmark
Pipe cleaningcheckmark
Plant cleaningcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
Plastics mold cleaningcheckmark
Polyurethane foam mold cleaningcheckmark
Preparation for crack testingcheckmarkcheckmark
Print cylinder cleaningcheckmark
Printing press cleaningcheckmark
Quick-acting shut-off valvescheckmarkcheckmark
Removal of corrosion protectioncheckmark
Removal of scalingcheckmarkcheckmark
Residue-free cleaningcheckmark
Restoration after firescheckmarkcheckmark
Roller cleaning
Roller tube cleaning
Roughness surface treatmentcheckmarkcheckmark
Scale-free surfacescheckmarkcheckmark
Screen cleaningcheckmarkcheckmark
Screw conveyor cleaningcheckmark
Ship cleaningcheckmarkcheckmark
Silo truck cleaningcheckmark
Stator cleaningcheckmark
Steam pipe cleaningcheckmark
Suction box cleaningcheckmark
Surface compactioncheckmarkcheckmark
Surface treatmentcheckmarkcheckmark
Tank cleaningcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
Threads of screws, nuts, bolts etc.checkmarkcheckmark
Turbine blade cleaningcheckmarkcheckmark
Turbine blade cleaningcheckmark
Turbine cleaningcheckmarkcheckmark
Turbine housing cleaningcheckmarkcheckmark
Turbine inner casing cleaningcheckmarkcheckmark
Valve housing cleaningcheckmarkcheckmark
Valve insert cleaningcheckmarkcheckmark
Weld seam cleaningcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
Welding equipment cleaningcheckmark
Welding line cleaningcheckmark
Welding robot cleaningcheckmark