Hot water high-pressure water jetting

The use of mobile high-pressure water jetting equipment with adjustable water temperatures allows us to remove the most persistent dirt economically and in an environmentally-friendly way. Pressures up to 800 bar and temperatures up to 98° C ensure a large area coverage. Various jet nozzles and spraying heads are available for every application.


The floor cleaning systems were designed for heavily soiled industrial floors. The use of suction extraction almost entirely eliminates water leakage from the floor jets. The suction extraction can be powered both electrically and by compressed air. The extracted water is then conveyed to a water treatment plant. By using a mobile wastewater neutralization and treatment plant, the wastewater from the high pressure pump can be recycled, thereby significantly reducing the consumption of drinking water and the quantity of residual matter to be disposed of. Surplus wastewater can be drained into the sewerage system. The filtered residual matter (sludge) is then sent to the appropriate disposal center.


Hot water high-pressure blasting can be easily carried out almost anywhere.

This process has already proven to be highly effective in the following areas of application:

  • The cleaning of roofs, façades, floors, tanks, pipes, heat exchangers.
  • The removal of graffiti, paint coatings, oils, fats, product residues.
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