Steam turbine cleaning

INREI GmbH has been cleaning the surfaces of steam turbines since 1968. Thanks to decades of experience in steam turbine cleaning, we are able to meet your requirements both quickly and economically. As a company that is QA-certified and audited (to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015) in the field of turbine cleaning whose intention is to always meet the highest quality standards, we are regarded as global service provider for this specialty.

To achieve the best possible results, we use a variety of blasting set-ups (blast media, air pressures, jet configurations etc.) for different components, so that after cleaning, we are able to guarantee that the components achieve greater efficiency and that the parts are fully auditable. Apart from counteracting performance degradation, turbine cleaning not only preserves or even increases the profitability of your plant, but also increases its service life.

We carry out our abrasive blasting work in all power plants and on all turbine types. Furthermore, if requested, we can also clean turbine components at our facility.

Our steam turbine cleaning customers include some of the world’s largest power plant manufacturers, as well as medium-sized turbine service companies and energy providers.

Whatever the size of your company or turbine, we will find a suitable and cost-efficient solution for you and your plant.

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